Monday, July 17, 2006

With this heat wave that we are experiencing, there is no doubt that Northridge Inn and Resort is the place to be! Whether on the lake with the fishermen, or in the lake with the swimmers, it is somehow Oh so much more tolerable in the clean air and cool water. (Besides, all our units are air conditioned!!!!) These guests have definitely figured out the benefits of a North Muskoka Resort!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

It appears that this is a record year for Lakeside Resort Weddings! We will be hosting more this year than we ever have before......and everyone of our partners in the wedding industry tell us that they are busier than ever. We look forward to continuing to help our couples realize their vision for their special celebration!

Sunsets and Sunrises here on Lake Bernard this year have been truly exceptional! Scenes such as these occur daily at our Ontario Resort Getaway!

Summer lakeside weddings at Northridge are truly exceptional. We were once again honoured to host some of the most wonderful couples along with their families and friends. The ceremonies held right on site here make the celebration incredibly profound. We are always amazed by the way an incredible hush falls over the staff as they see the bride for the first time and experience the profound committment of two people beginning to share a life together.
Whether the ceremony is out on our pier in the lake, barefoot in the sand on our beach, or on the grounds in front of the Inn at lakeside, the intimacy of the moment, although shared with family and friends is something that leaves a lasting impression on everyone here. Congratulatins and thanks to all the guests and couples that have allowed us to host these most exceptional celebrations!...............All your friends at Northridge!

Our lakeside North Muskoka Resort is situated perfectly to be host to an incredible array of wildlife. Lake Bernard, although a comparatively large lake, is underdeveloped and very quiet. It is common to be able to sit our on our beach all day and only see the odd little fishing boat chugging by. Our guests tell us that we are what Muskoka used to be!!! Lakefront, pristine, abundant wildlife, clean water, and a beach that goes on forever! Here is a shot of some of our friends that seem to be as home right on our resort grounds as our guests are!

On the Canada Day weekend, Northridge Inn and Resort was proud to host the great Blues Duo of Aaron Garner and "Mr. Chill". You may recognize "Mr. Chill" as past member of the well known recording artist Big Sugar. This installment of our "Blues, Brews and BBQ's" concert series was definitely one of the best yet!
With a BBQ that included slow roasted ribs, Lobster and Venison....awesome rockin' blues, and fireworks sparkling across the lake.....could there be a better way to celebrate our great Canadian Heritage??!!

Our North Muskoka summer is definitely in full swing! Families looking for northern ontario resort getaways, long lazy summer days, sand, water, BBQ's galore......and of course those wonderful Muskoka Chairs! Adrian is one short man that is definitely drinking it all in!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Everyone here at Northridge was pleased that we were once again given the honour of hosting some wonderful spring weddings. Outdoor lakeside ceremonies, champagne on the patio, brides arriving at the waterside by horse and carriage, the warmth of family and friends together for much more than just a meal.....North Muskoka Weddings truly are special!
The incredible lakeside setting together with the profound social exchange (and lets not forget the food!!) combine to make a celebration that will not be forgotten.
Thanks to our couples and guests for allowing us to host such an important day....we look forward to seeing you again!