Saturday, June 16, 2007

Although we have always taken great pride to make the dining experience here at Northridge Inn and Resort exceptional.......kudos go to our current kitchen and dining staff for their great contributions to our latest offerings.
We continue to emphasize regional cuisine with rustic but beautiful plates, and service that is attentive, but wonderfully relaxed.
Our current plates, some of which are pictured below, have been designed to showcase the finest ingredients available. We also always offer wonderful free range chicken, trout, venison, steaks, prime rib and vegetarian whole grain pastas. Our desserts are simply sinful, and chocolate is presented in ways that shouldn't be discussed openly!!!!!!!!
To round it all out, we also carry some wonderful vintages that are not available through the LCBO.
Not to be overlooked in the slightest, we pay that same attention to our children's menu, featuring some of the kiddy classics, as well as some tasty healthy new classics such as whole wheat turkey wraps, veggies with dip, etc..
So take a look at some of the offerings below and if you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call......the plates below are only a small sample of the possibilities!

The Northridge "We Dare You To Try and Pick it Up and Eat It" Bison Burger! Two extra lean organic, free range specially seasoned bison burgers, piled between tomatoes, our own herbed mayonaise, a toasted multi grain baguette, bacon, lettuce, an orange cranberry chutney and onion sprouts.....and as if that wasn't enough, we include our homemade tri-colour chips featuring yukon gold, sweet potatoes and blue potatoes, or a wonderful fruited slaw.......... Have Fun!!!

One of our Appetizers Featuring Fresh and Cool Cucumber Boats Stuffed with Herbs and Roasted seasonal Vegetables, topped with a Delicately shaved Organic Free Range Venison, Canadian Cheese and our own Balsamic Reduction. Great dining in the Muskoka North Resort tradition!
Although we have always taken pride in our offerings in the dining room

At Northridge Inn and Resort we are pleased to present this signature dish.......An Organically Grain Fed, Free Range, Frenched Elk Chop, Fire Charred and complimented with a Wild Berry and Pinot Noir Reduction, Seasonal vegetables and Blue Potatoes.

Always a favorite at our northern Ontario Resort .......Seared and Roasted Rack of Ontario Lamb with a Honey and Grape Wild Canadian Rice, Roasted Vegetables and a Bala Cranberry , Orange and Mint Chutney.

Fire Grilled Wild Line Caught Salmon with our signature Herbed Grilled Vegetable Skewer, Maple roasted Sweet Potatoes, a Native Canadian Wild Rice Pancake accompanied by a Pear Citrus reduction.

With a wonderfully hot and dry spring, it feels like the middle of August here on the shores of lake Bernard. The heat is keeping the bugs away this year, and in the years that we've owned our Muskoka North Inn, we can't recall a better June for the lack of black flies!

Everyone seems to be loving the new fleet of kayaks we've launched this year. We did quite a bit of homework to be sure that we introduced ones that are as user friendly as possible for the novice. With the expansive shallow sandy shoal that skirts our lake, it is a great place to try out your paddling skills!

The lake is warm, the bugs are gone, the kayaks are waiting and the sunsets are come on up for a visit....... Our Ontario Resort and your new friends are waiting!