Saturday, July 23, 2011

WOW!!!!! After a cool damp spring, it seemed everyone was just begging for some real summer weather...........and we have certainly not been dissappointed!!! Another 30+ degree day here at Northridge! But we're not worried........Lake Bernard is such a wonderful, clean spring fed lake, uncluttered, quiet and with a wonderful sandy shoal around the perimeter.

Thanks so much to one of our recent guests for providing us with this photo showing our view from our beach and one of our guests out on a kayak. I think they've got it figured out!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The heat just keeps building!!! Currently they are calling for the better part of a week in the high twenties! Looking for a great place to cool off?????? Consider lakeside on the sandy shores of Lake Bernard! This exceptionally clean, large and quiet lake has a wonderful shallow sandy shoal around the edge and is deep, cool, and clear in the middle.

It is in fact "the worlds largest freshwater lake without an island" and is documented as such in Guiness's world records!......Really!!! It also supports a natural population of beautiful lake trout and whitefish, along with some bass and perch. These populations are not stocked, but are naturally self sustaining and the Ministry of Natural Resources actually uses Lake Bernard as a model of excellence for other lakes in the area.

Our north Muskoka lakefront resort really is blessed to have access to over 1300ft of southern lakeshore on this unspoiled gem!