Saturday, April 27, 2013

While we dream about the warmer, sunnier days ahead, here are some photos of a wedding we were privledged to host here at our northern Muskoka resort, Northridge Inn.  Many thanks to both the couple and Kate Hood photography for providing the photos.........both look stunning!!

Could it be that spring is finally going to break this week????!!! ......warm temps called for the next few days!!! Light snow again last night.......enough is enough!

Actually, we feel guilty even complaining compared to the flooding that so many are dealing with in cottage country.

We are so lucky to be on wonderful Lake Bernard........being spring fed and regulated, it is rare for the level to change more than 6 inches !!

So with the weather breaking and absolutely no flooding issues...we are getting ready for a great spring and summer season!

And forgot to mention.....the ice in the lake is almost gone.

Will post some pics or video of the lake in the next day or so!!